The 6th CulturalMente Santista will highlight the 2030 UN Agenda, showcasing presentations, workshops and debates from December 8 to 10

creative_city_santos_en (1)-page-001By the first time, Santos will host a broad cultural festival highlighting the Agenda 2030. The CulturalMente Santista – Santos Cultural and Creative Forum, which was born in 2012 to foster the audience formation for culture, because it understands that the cultural region’s identity is essential for the people’s development, as well as their evolution as citizens. As a city’s official event, foreseen by Municipal Law n. 3.142, it innovates in its 6th edition promoting the debate on the central role of culture and creativity as factors of sustainable development and their crucial importance in achieving the 17 2030 Goals. The 17 SDGs will be promoted through diversified activities involving Crafts, Film, Design, Gastronomy, Music and Literature, as well as through a public cultural policies debate, among the Secretaries of Culture of the Santos Metro Area, and through the international sharing of good practices, which will be done through a panel involving 4 creative ibero american creative cities that will present virtually good practices regarding the Agenda 2030. The festival provides FREE seats for all activities and will take place on the ground floor of the Cultural Center Patrícia Galvão (Avenida Senador Pinheiro Machado, 48, Vila Mathias, Santos, Sao Paolo, Brazil).




Rogério Baraquet

Rogério Baraquet

The festival will be opened on friday, 8th, at 7:30 p.m., on the ground floor of the Cultural Center, with music performances of region’s artists, such as the musician Rogério Baraquet and band, presenting his 30 years carreer work, including the songs of the recently released album ‘Consequências’ (Consequences).


‘Consequências’ mixes the traditional Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), adding styles such as Pop, Rock and even influences of the Brazilian Samba. The album has 11 unpublished tracks, produced by Rogério himself independently (without sponsorship or any other support). It’s available on online platforms like Spotfy and iTunes.


The audience will be delighted by the concert of singer Carla Mariani and Cigarra Elétrica band, with a set list based on Jazz and Blues.


Cigarra Elétrica is composed by the guitarist and composer Muniz Crespo, by the drummer and music producer Jota Amaral and bassist Tanauan Nogueira. They gathered themselves in 2015 (old AnifroM), aiming to realize the Muniz Crespo’s songs in a different manner. Together, they transformed their compositions into a new musical experience. Their sound is a fusion of Rock and Jazz. Their influence is the psychedelia of brazilian ‘tropicalismo’, a bit of Blues and the complexity of the erudite sound. Their repertoire also includes Jazz, Blues and Rock classics.


Carla Mariani

Carla Mariani

Living in Santos, Carla Mariani was interested in music and art since she was very young. Carla is a singer is Santos’ nights, with her band ‘the Black Sheeps’, and also performs the concert ‘Blues & Jazz Divas’, that pays homage to the great singers of these styles . The singer, however, always wanted to produce a CD with her own songs,  so, ‘Time’ appeared, totally authorial EP. The songs, all in English, show all their musical identity and make clear her influences (mainly, JossStone, Janis Joplin, Etta James and Amy Winehouse). Despite having roots in the Blues and Jazz, Carla also brings great influences of Rock, style that she sing since she was 18. Produced by Caio Fernandes, the songs are now available and on sale on all digital platforms.


These musical performances will foster the SDGs 8 and 11 as na evidence as how

culture can contribute to the economic development.





14494887_1240812645969343_6506118871809918443_nSantos is a Creative City in Film in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, totally engaged with the organization’s mission statement, so, this year the festival will provide a panel involving 4 Ibero American creative cities, promoting a debate among – Santos, Brazil (Film), Denia, Spain (Gastronomy), Obidos , Portugal (Literature) and Duran, Ecuador (Craft and Folk Arts). These cities will share good practices on culture and creativity in the development of the UN 2030 Agenda. It will be realized through a live broadcast, in the movie theatre of the Santos Museum of Image and Sound, on sunday, 10th, 3:30 p.m.




Aiming to stimulate sustainability and regional cultural entrepreneurship, the festival CulturalMente Santista will hold its first Cultural and Creative Fair. It will gather about 30 creative entrepreneurs who will exhibit and sell their books, comics, CDs, DVDs, crafts, posters, and others. The Creative Fair will also gather gastronomy entrepreneurs and creative cookers, as well as will provide lectures on sustainable food and consumption. The fair will foster SDGs 2, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.




The CulturalMente Santista will provide two workshops aiming capacity building on culture.


‘The dancing cam’ by Eduardo Ferreira.


Eduardo Ferreira

Eduardo Ferreira

It combines dance strategies and camera movements, considering exercises that develop the videodance, providing resources to make the cam a dancing body extension. The course explores choreography and movement with and without the cam, as well as teaches audiovisual techniques, considering the camera movements.


Service: There are 30 slots (2 lessons with 2 hours each) for FREE and previous applications are required through the link: link.


Target Audience: Pople interested in ​​dance, film and videodance.


Eduardo Ferreira is a film director and the director of Cia Santista de Artes Hybridas, a theater, dance and film company. He performed several videodances and other experimental works, among them ‘De improviso’, ‘A mulher peixe e o mar de desmemórias’ (Percutindo Mundos Collective), ‘Fuso 10 de Paulo Emílio Azevedo’ (Gente Company), Santos Theater Festival, ‘Teatro a Bordo’, ‘Circuito de Cultura Popular’ e ‘Mirada’. He took place in the International Videodance Exhibition 2016 and 2017, ‘Veladas de Cyne e Dança do Chile, International Videodance Exhibition of Verodal 2017, Cult Dance 2017 and ‘Movimiento en Movimiento de Mexico’, among others, and other workshops on dance, such as those with Jeannette Ginslov (Scotland), Pedro Sena (Portugal) and Leonel Brum.


‘The Narrative Threads’ by Camila Genaro


Camila Genaro

Camila Genaro

‘I have always seen preparation for storytelling like a great loom, where we slowly weave each tale to be told, and in this course, we will find out together what lines, needles and stitches are needed to make this seam.’


The workshop will be held on Saturday, 9th, 4:30 p.m., lasting two hours. It will talk about the importance of texts selection according to the average age of audience, also will talk about differences between telling and reading a story, main objects in storytelling, techniques, story session preparation, history study, techniques to feel the history rather than the text, the storyteller’s voice, body language and other dynamics.


Service: There are 20 slots (2 hours session) for FREE and previous applications are required through the email




On Sunday 10th, 4:30 p.m., Camila Genaro presents the performance ‘Inside the Sea has Rio … and Stories!’.  The rivers that cut Santos some years ago, hide stories until nowadays, that flow into the sea. Those are the stories that the storyteller Camila Genaro, accompanied by the MusiContando Band, will present in this new narrative spectacle. Running time: 50 minutes.





Cigarra Elétrica

Cigarra Elétrica

As its tradition, CulturalMente Santista, will provide on saturday, 9th, 2:00 p.m., a debate among the Santos Metro Area Municipal Secretaries of Culture. It will be moderated by the journalist Nara Assunção. They will talk about the role of culture and creativity on achieving the 2030 UN AGENDA SDGs.





There will also be provided debates on the theme ‘Woman in Culture’, ‘Cultural Events in Ascension’, ‘Crowdfunding’, ‘What is culture, after all?’. Also, It will be considered themes like censorship and the cases of recents exhibition’s cancellations in Brazil. The festival wwill carry out the debate on films that showcase Santos’ history (including the screening of the short films), and other activities that will be announced shortly.




Through Agenda 2030, the UN has reinforced the fundamental role of cities in promoting sustainable development in which culture and creativity are crucial factors, so it is gratifying to see the pioneering action of the ‘Culturalmente Santista’ in bringing the debate of this theme to Santos’, says Niedja Santos, Director of Economic Innovation Office of Santos City Hall.


‘Santos is a culturally effervescent city, with great events that impact nationally and artists recognized abroad. So, it is very importante to carry out a festival to promote the reflection about the regional culture scope. In the last two editions, the project sought to deepen this reflection, going beyond the debates related to artistic areas (film, theater, visual arts, performing arts, music, etc.), also to know more about the creative process of invited artists.’ explains the festival’s founder, the journalist André Azenha.




6th CulturalMente Santista – Santos Cultural and Creative Forum


December 8th to 10th (Friday to Sunday)


Opening: Friday, December 8th, 6:30 p.m. (concerts starting at 7:30 p.m.)

Saturday, December 9th, 11am to 7pm

Sunday, December 10th, 10am to 6pm

Cultural Center Patrícia Galvão – Avenida Senador Pinheiro Machado, 48, Vila Mathias, Santos, Sao Paolo, Brazil


CulturalMente Santista – Santos Cultural and Creative Forum is an itinerant cultural forum that emerged from the website (pioneer in publishing dozens of long biographical interviews with artists and cultural agents of Santos Metro Area, since 2011). More than 300 artists and cultural agents have participated in the previous editions that occupied dozens of spaces in the city. The 6th edition is held by CineZen Cultural, supported by Santos City Hall, Orvalho Produções, LoboStudio and Shake Burger.


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